The experience matters to me

I have a passion for creating images that make you feel something. I love preserving memories through photographs, sharing my art, by documenting your experiences.

A lot of the photographs I create are based on fond memories that I look back on, or times I look forward to experiencing again. Like your favourite movie that you will love rewatching for years to come. 

Are you dreaming of getting married in the company of a few friends and family in your favourite place? Maybe you’re the type that wants to elope just the two of you? Or maybe you’re unsure.

I love documenting your memories just as much as I love assisting in any way in preparation for our time together. It could be a flight across the world, a fun day in the city, or finding a little cabin in the woods or cottage by the lake.

Please feel free to share your vision-the dreams in your head, or ask for any recommendations. 

If this sounds like you, please reach out and let’s start brainstorming the journey together. 

I find so much of myself in nature but I’ve recently started enjoying the city life, too. Whether I’m up north spending time with my family at our cottage or heading out to the next destination on my travel list, there’s always a view I’m chasing. 

I love pushing myself to try new things and see more of the world. I always find that I gain a healthy perspective on what really matters through this. Experiences and quality time will always be the most important to me.

Enough about me, I want to hear your story!