Jasmine + Andrew

New Zealand Heli Elopement

Back in January, I took my first trip over to Queenstown, New Zealand. I met Jasmine and Andrew who live up in Auckland and we spent a couple days together in their incredible country. We road-tripped up to Wanaka in the wee hours of the morning to meet the helicopter pilot who would take us up to Coromandel Peak. I have to say; it was pretty surreal to experience and all of us had open jaws as we approached the peak overlooking Lake Wanaka. We had two hours booked on the private mountain for them to exchange vows and explore together. Afterwards we flew back down and drove to an intimate dinner set up in the mountains above Queenstown. They enjoyed a little charcuterie snack with another incredible view (no shortage of these in NZ) before the rain came. The rain made for the dreamiest notebook vibes and these two were absolute troopers in the rain. They dried off and then headed to a dinner reservation at one of their favourite local resturants in the city; White and Wongs. I’m such an avid traveller and as I’m sitting here writing this I’m feeling so grateful for this experience and so many others at the beginning of 2020.  At the time of this elopement I had no clue what was coming only a few short months later with and end to all international travel. Re-living this trip and so excited for the day that I get to participate in these incredible moments with my international couples again-here’s hoping it’s not too far in the future.