Retreats (From $1000 -$3000)

For adventurous people who love to feed their creative soul as much as their business. These retreats are outdoor-focused and usually involve seeking out the wild places. We focus on the experience first and let the imagery and learning fall into place alongside that. We’ll explore in-depth how to close the gap between where you are in your photography journey and where you hope to be. We’ll cover a range of topics having a chance to apply them in various portfolio-building opportunities throughout. Come redefine community with us in an industry with so much potential for warmth and friendship.

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Learn from us, learn from others, learn from yourself.

What’s included:

All food, drinks, and accommodations during the workshop (For overnight retreats, rooms are usually shared with roommate. Private accommodations can be requested for an additional fee)

What’s not included:

Travel expenses (flights, rental cars)
Alcohol + additional items

I’ve witnessed first hand the benefit of mentorships + workshops in this industry within my own career, and the careers of others. I’ve seen how instrumental it’s been in my own career, transforming my mindset and giving me the tools to build the company of my dreams. If you’re willing to listen, learn, and put in the work with drive and passion, you can have this too. It doesn’t need to be frustrating or intimidating to break into this industry.

There’s something so powerful about sitting down and having a one-on-one conversation with no competition and no secrets. Photography’s not only an art, it’s a business-one that requires a strong and authentic brand. I want to help you to create the fulfilling career you started this venture envisioning. If you’re considering a workshop/mentorship you’re already on the right track and I can’t wait to chat with you! 

No question is out of the question, so let’s chat! 

The Rockpine

January 8th 2022
Application open Nov 7th

West Coast Spring 2022

Date TBD
8 Spots Available
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